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Choosing a hotel near Imperia offers the opportunity to visit a city rich in charm and hidden treasures.

A lesser known city, Imperia has an unspoiled hinterland, rich in olive trees and rolling hills.

Surrounded by ancient villages and hills, Imperia combines history, with its traditional Ligurian alleyways and ancient houses, with the face of a modern cultural centre. A city of two souls, created by a Royal Decree in 1923 with the merging of the towns of Oneglia and Porto Maurizio. Separated by the River Imperia, from which it takes its name, the two towns were historically rivals. For this reason Imperia is still today a city with two faces, with two old town centres, two traditional cuisines and three Patron Saints.

A hotel near Imperia allows you to observe Imperia and all these differences. On the one hand, the Piedmont town of Oneglia characterised by its arcades and a thriving olive oil industry, and on the other, Porto Maurizio, a Ligurian town built on a hill overlooking the sea and characterised by elegant residential buildings and the seafront with its poetic views. For those who love architecture, Imperia is a Ligurian destination that can’t be missed, featuring also Villa Grock, hosting the famous clown museum. Visiting the villa means immersing oneself in the beautiful park, amongst the bridges, ponds and magical corners.

Another must-visit venue in Imperia is the Naval Museum, packed with findings, photographs and reconstructions of ships, dedicated to those who lost their lives to the sea. For a holiday to discover those hidden pearls.

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