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Choosing a hotel near Genoa offers the opportunity to visit one of the largest old town centres in Europe.

A city with strong and ancient roots, Genoa still has an outstanding historic finesse, with its poetic and narrow alleyways and buildings with obvious historical traces.

A soul that is able to combine melancholic elegance with vibrant cultural and tourist life. If you decide to visit Genoa, you must not miss the liberty style Spianata Castelletto scenic point, with a view over the city and the port. Another must-see is the Lantern, a symbol of the city built in 1543 on a 40 metre high rock.

A hotel near Genoa allows you to enjoy the many museums that the Ligurian city has to offer, starting with Galata, the Museum dedicated to the sea and the largest in the Mediterranean area. For children and adults alike, another must-see is the Aquarium, the largest in Italy and the second largest in Europe, where you walk among sharks and carefully reconstructed marine environments, and the City of Children, a play venue dedicated to children.

Not just culture and nature, but also architecture: access point to the Aquarium and the Sea Museum is the Old Port, the ancient port area of the city redesigned by Renzo Piano. And those looking for poetic and charming corners will not be disappointed either: Genoa’s medieval old town centre features some of the oldest Italian public arcades and alleyways, with endless bars and nightime venues.

Finally, another must-visit is Porta Soprana, one of the entrance gates to the medieval city, with the house-museum of Christopher Columbus also nearby.

Genoa is the city of history, sea and poetry, which has won over artists such as De Andrè and Italian and international tourists, with its churches, buildings and villages that allow you to become fully immersed in bygone eras.

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