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Staying at an M Hotel you can explore the hinterland of Liguria di Ponente, indulging in an unforgettable experience.


An almost biblical place, where everything moves at the pace of the seasons. The sea is very close, yet the perfume of the mountains is already in the air. The rugged heights, the landscape, the flocks of birds and the fragrance of the earth, which gets even more intense when it rains.

Located in the mountainous area of the Val Nervia highlands, and crossed by the River Nervia, Pigna is a group of houses that form the shape of a “pigna” (pinecone), and accessed via steep dark alleys called “chibi”. It is fully embraced on all sides by chestnut, oak and olive groves.


A typical medieval village in Val Nervia, Dolceacqua runs alongside the river bearing the same name. Inside the village stands the Doria Castle (Téra, in local dialect), which dominates the old town. The more modern area of the town is called Il Borgo and there are about 2,000 inhabitants. Although small, the village is brimming with traditions and corners to discover.

The Rossese di Dolceacqua, whose grapes grow on the countless terraces, and the Taggiasca olives, are the main characteristic products of the territory. Michetta is the typical dessert: since 2008 it is also protected by the Municipal Designation of Origin. Products to take home, as sweet souvenirs of your holiday in Liguria.


If witches and their stories fascinate you, booking an M Hotel is the perfect solution.

Choosing a hotel near Triora allows you to soak up the atmosphere of the village. Here, in 1588, a number of women were accused of being followers of the cult of diabolical witches. They ended up suffering the wrath of the Inquisitor and then that of Commissioner Scribani, creating one of the most famous witchcraft trials in our country. As soon as you reach Triora, you feel as if you have stepped into the past: the journey walking from corner to corner where these women gathered is very exciting. A splendid medieval village in the Liguria west interland riviera, Triora is located about 800 metres asl in the Valle Argentina.

Pieve di Teco

An Italian village with a little more than a thousand inhabitants in the province of Imperia, Pieve di Teco lies in the valley of the River Arroscia, where it joins the River Fanghi and the initial slopes of Monte Frassinello. It is divided into the Borghetto, in the old Borgo and the New Borgo. The Borghetto is an extension of the town towards the valley, outside the village walls.

The Old Borgo has a primitive settlement, with its urban layout that keeps its characteristics unchanged. Here you can admire the Arogna, an exceptionally old house made entirely in stone, and an old mill dating back to the first half of the 18th century. The New Borgo on the other hand features large oval arcades dating back to the first half of the 16th century.

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