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Alassio is a pearl set in the stunning Riviera delle Palme.

Choosing a hotel near Alassio offers the opportunity to visit the most famous walled city in Italy, with its tiles autographed by actors, singers and other personalities.

A popular seaside resort for Italian and foreign tourists alike, Alassio has an abundance of fine sandy beaches, nightlife venues and poetic views. The seafront promenade bestows stunning moments of relaxation. While for shop-aholics, the quaint “Budello” offers a host of fine shops for the more demanding shoppers. Queen of the Riviera delle Palme, Alassio is in fact the town  of shopping and nightlife venues, perfect for enjoyable evenings of entertainment.

Choosing a hotel near Alassio, however, also allows you to spend a day of your holidays visiting the town, loved by famous cultural icons such as Hemingway. Hemingway was in fact the first to place a tile on the famous wall in 1951. The symbol of the town’s international flair is Caffè Roma, on the corner of Via Dante and Via Cavour, the destination of so many famous people who used to visit this beach resort. However, Alassio is not only shopping and entertainment: the Torre di Vegliasco and the Torrione Saraceno, built to defend the city from pirates, are also worth a visit.

It is a place of culinary excellence such as the Baci di Alassio, which deserve a taste, and of natural magic such as the panorama of the spectacular blue Ligurian Sea that Capo Santa Croce has to offer.

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